Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Management will help your organization protect its reputation and increase your resilience in the face of adverse circumstances, whether internal or external. Business Continuity Management can help to protect the brand from a variety of risks, including cyber risks, delivery to customers, and the cost of recovery in the event of an incident.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) integrates the disciplines of Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery (technology continuity) and Business Continuity (organizational / operational relocation). Paradigm can help you to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

Strategic Planning 

Our experienced Executives will partner with your leadership teams and gain a firm understanding of your business operations, your financial model and customer engagements. With this knowledge we collaborate with and can lead the development of your strategic plan. We build the bridges to your success.

Technology Audits & Assessments 

Our consultants have extensive experience in current, best of class standards and practices to review your IT Organization, IT Systems, and IT Operations. The outcome of this review will be a formal assessment report that includes: Assessment findings, recommendations and potential options. We help you assemble the technology puzzle.

who we are
In today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, a trusted advisor – one who not only provides relevant insights, but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience – can enhance the value of your business with technology. Let us be your trusted advisor.

Our IT Consulting practice helps CIOs and IT leaders design and implement advanced solutions in IT governance, security, data management, applications and compliance. By partnering with us, you ensure that your IT organization performs with the same focus and excellence with which you manage day-to-day business operations. We will work with you to address IT security and privacy issues and deploy advanced and customized application and data management structures that not only solve problems, but add value to your business.

Technology Roadmaps

An organizationally focused, forward-thinking plan for any business is a required component. Your business will not be successful unless your business goals closely align with your technology operations and capabilities. We ensure that all of your paths lead in the same direction.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security and the threats to businesses today are constantly evolving. Enterprises worldwide are witnessing a transformation in terms of technology and it is a constant struggle to keep pace with this ever changing landscape. There is urgency for the enterprise to bridge the gap between information technology and information security. We can help you discriminate between your business goals and incorporate specific enterprise security solutions leading to a perfect match. From Security Audits to implementing solutions, from PCI/PII to HIPPA and ITGC – we can help!

Project Management 

We have over 40 combined years in Program and Project management. Whether you need a project brought back on track or to implement a Project Management Structure (PMO) in your organization – we can help. Successful project management will reduce project costs, creates a repeatable and scalable process, and increases project success.

Virtual CIO

Are you looking for a fulltime CIO, CTO or VP of IT; but need an experienced executive to keep your IT operations running effectively? Our experienced CIO’s can come into your organization and keep it running smoothly while your find the perfect candidate to join your team fulltime. Our CIO’s will deliver the results your looking for.